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Big Bag - Sack Container
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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC's) are among the most effective types of packaging in Industry. Whether in Production, Storage or Shipping: A BIG BAG may be the solution or provide cost improvements along the value chain.

Big Bag

Our Sack Container is made out of Polypropylene fabric (PP) and is either coated or uncoated. We propose that customers get in touch with us to clarify and define their needs like the right size, work load*, or construction of the bag for your required application.

Big Bag - FIBC A FIBC can be made "on demand" to your needs. Before we go into production we provide you with a sample that allows you to make a functional validation for your requirements. Upon your acceptance we will start to produce your order. Our production system can handle various customer requirements, e.g. ISO 22000.

Whether the task involves dangerous goods, conductive FIBC for food or pharmaceutical requests, dealing with these matters has been a daily challenge for us for years.
*Safe Working Load = allowed work load (SWL), or Safety Factor = single or multi trip/usage (SF).  
A few examples of the filling- and emptying systems of our bags:
Standard sizes and types are available from our stock. Please, request about the stock situation.
For further helping details related to the FIBC you may link to our other webside:


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